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Friday, December 21, 2007

Tupperware Rock 'N Serve Containers

One of my favorite products from Tupperware is the Rock 'N Serve Containers! Why are they one of my favorite products? Well, they go from Freezer, to the Refrigerator, then to the Microwave and finally into my Dishwasher while ONLY using one container! (anything that cuts down on dish washing is a plus in my book!) They are also covered by Tupperwares famous Lifetime Product Guarantee!

I like to freeze my leftovers or refrigerate my leftovers in these containers. My husband then can use them for his lunches at work. This saves me time and money and he is eating more healthy!

Rock 'N Serve Tupperare (tm) Containers are microwave reheatable containers that have a vent plug built right into the seal (lid). You just flip open the little vent plug before microwave reheating so that the steam can escape. This also keeps your microwave clean and free of food splatters! (who likes cleaning the microwave? I surely don't!).

I like the fact that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any of my storage needs and they are also stackable which saves me on freezer and refrigerator space.

They are not disposeable junk store containers, these are reusable over and over again. I get absolutely NO staining in my containers which is also a plus! By using them, I am also helping our environment.

These are the perfect containers for those who are on the go! Great for those who camp, travel by RV, to transport lunches to school & the workplace and for those of us who want to save money by preparing meals ahead of time in our own homes.

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