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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

White Chocolate Amaretto Parfait Style Dessert Recipe

If you like creamy berry fruit desserts that are healthy for you then you have got to try this recipe. I made this for dessert yesterday and it lasted 2 hours before it was entirely gone. Very simple and easy to make and even kids will love it! This recipe only uses 5 ingredients and took me 10 minutes to prepare. This would be a great dessert to make for those Red, White & Blue Holidays too!

White Chocolate Amaretto Parfait Recipe

10 oz. tub whipped topping
5 Tbsp. Tupperware Simple Indulgence White Chocolate Amaretto Dessert Blend Mix
1 pkg. fresh strawberries (sliced)
1 pkg. fresh blueberries (washed)
1/4 cup Oreo Cookies

I used my Tupperware Quick Chef to grind up 8 Oreo Cookies into fine crumbs. Set aside as this will be used as the topping. Thaw your whipped topping.

Wash and slice your strawberries and wash your blueberries and set aside. In a medium sized bowl combine the whipped topping with 5 tbsp. of White Chocolate Amaretto Dessert Blend Mix and blend until smooth.

I decided to use a glass bowl instead of parfait cups. You want to make layers with the fruit and whipped topping mix. I first made a layer with sliced strawberries, next I added a layer of the whipped topping mixture and then added a layer of blueberries and another layer of whipped topping mixture. I saved some strawberries and blueberries to top it all off and then I sprinkled on the Oreo Crumb Mixture as a topping. I placed it in my refrigerator for 2 hours to firm it up some. Serve in individual dessert dishes.

We absolutely LOVE this recipe and we think your family too! Enjoy!


Claudia said...

That is so pretty! I love anythig with an amaretto taste. And I host a huge 4th of July Barbecue. Maybe shake up my usual berries and panna cotta recipe!

Claudia said...

I am the typo queen ... (and I write for a living - scary). But I like anything... yes, it definitely has an "n" in the word!

Marjorie & Maureen said...

This looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing such great recipes.