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Monday, April 27, 2009


Many women with home businesses discover that being a work at home mom requires
a lot more time, money and energy than they had expected.

If your time and energy is in short supply, and your business needs a boost,
WAHM-Articles.com has launched a new social networking community that might

The WAHM-Articles Forum helps work-at-home-moms learn how to market their
businesses in less time and more effectively by using article marketing. Article
marketing is a marketing strategy where you write articles to promote your
products and services and let others publish them for free in exchange for a
link back to your site.

Many of the members at the WAHM-Articles Forum are experienced article marketers
and publishers, so it's a great place to hook up with website owners who are
looking for articles like yours and ask all your article marketing questions.

In the forum, they talk about everything to do with article marketing,

- How to write articles that get more traffic to your website or blog
- How to use your articles to get more subscribers to your mailing list
- How to get your article readers to visit your website
- How to convince those website visitors to buy from you.

Joining the forum is free. There is also a Platinum membership that gives you
access to article reviews, article marketing training, and valuable resources
and discounts. Platinum memberships are available for an introductory price of
$50 a year.

If you want to learn how to get more traffic and sales in less time, I recommend
you go to the Wahm-Articles Forum and register for a free account.

I'm a member and I've already learned a lot from the community there. If you
join us, you can discover how to spend less time on marketing your website so
you have more time spend with the kids, or on taking your business to the next

I'd love to see you there! You can register at Wahm-Articles Forum!


tara said...

That sounds great!

Maria said...

Thanks for posting about this. I love improving my online success through resources like these, so I'll be signing up.

Marjorie & Maureen said...

Will definitely check out this forum. Haven't been around much everyone in the family sick with colds. I've given you a blog award--I'm sure you've won a few. Check out my blog for details.