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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Canning - Homemade Pepper Jelly Recipe

If you have an abundance of green or red peppers from your summer garden that you need to use it, I suggest trying your hand at making some homemade pepper jelly.

This is the recipe I personally use from my Canning and Preserving Cookbook by Linda Ferrari.

Pepper Jelly Recipe

2 medium-sized green or red peppers
1/2 cup fresh hot chili peppers or 1/2 cup canned chilis
1 1/2 cups cider vinegar
6 cups granulated sugar
6 ounces liquid pectin (2 envelopes)

Remove stems and seeds from peppers. Grind peppers in a food processor until liquidfied. Measure 3/4 cup into a heavy saucepan. Grind the hot chilis in the same way and add to the pan with the peppers. Add the vinegar and granulated sugar.

Bring to a full rolling boil, stirring constantly. Add in the liquid pectin and bring back to a full boil and boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat and skim foam off with a metal spoon. Ladle into hot jars and seal. Process in a water bath canner for 5 minutes.

Makes 7 half-pint jars.


Sophia said...

I can't (<--lol) believe all the canning you have been doing. What you put pepper jelly on?

ShellyH said...

Just like any jelly you can use it on bagels, crackers, breads, etc. I am not a fan of this but my hubby loves pepper jelly. He likes to also bake a slice of ham in the oven with some pepper jelly on it.

Sophia said...

Ah okay. That would be something nice to have during the holidays...adds variety along with your cheeses and other spreads. It's something different.