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Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Bake - Oreo Holiday Tree Cookie Snacks Recipe

Our foodie guest blogger today is Felissa and check out these yummy Oreo Double Stuff Cookies that she dressed up in a cute Christmas Tree design! I can't wait to make them as the holidays get closer. Thanks Felissa!

No Bake Holiday Fun Activity


Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies (these are better because they make the finished product look more substantial)
White Chocolate/ milk chocolate/ Dark Chocolate
Mini M&M’s
Baking Sheets

Melt chocolate of choice in a glass bowl over a pot of water. If necessary add milk a teaspoon at a time until you have reached your desired consistency. You do not want the melted chocolate to be too thick or you will not be able to taste the Oreo under all the decoration. You can choose your favorite type of chocolate or all three if you are making them for a lot of people that way it looks more fun out on the serving tray.

Take the Oreo cookies and dip them in the chocolate. You want to cover the entire cookie so you need to figure out what the most comfortable way for you to do this. You can use a fork to hold on to the cookie in order to dip it and flip it so you can cover both sides. If you use this method you will need to let the cookies dry completely before attempting to take them off the tray. You can dip one half at a time and let it set before dipping the other side. If you use this method you want to make sure the melted chocolate is a little thinner then normal because some parts will get covered twice. Put the clean side facing down or the set side down. Either way make sure to let the excess chocolate drip off as much as possible especially if you want these to be edible not just fun to look at. A really thick layer of chocolate is too much for the Oreo to handle.

Once the entire cookie is covered in Chocolate you can start making the M&M Trees on them. I used only red and green switching the trunk and tree so that they were the opposite color. When I made these I had already set aside the green and red M&M’s from another no bake project but you could use all the colors or just red and green. Let set until the chocolate is completely hard and take off of the baking sheet. You might have to even out the chocolate from the side of the cookies if you did not let them drip off enough before placing them down to set. An adult can use a butter knife to get the excess off or if these are for family you can get off the excess with your finger it most likely will not be fully set yet because it is thicker then the layer on the cookie.

It’s up to your decorators really. If they would like to get more creative let them use chopped nuts, sprinkles, etc.

Felissa is an Independent Stella & Dot Jewelry Stylist located in Miami, Florida. She facilitates Trunk Shows for women and teaches them how to pair their jewelry with their outfit of the day.

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Sophia said...

Since I'm not a good baker these no bake cookies is something I think I can manage.

Thanks Felissa and thanks Shelly for adding it to your blog.