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Friday, October 23, 2009

No Bake Snowmen Winter Holiday Cookie Treats Recipe

A friend of mine is our guest recipe blogger today. Felissa has given us her wonderful recipe and instructions to make these adorable no-bake snowmen holiday cookies. They are just way too cute!

No Bake Snowmen Winter Holiday Treats

Super fun no bake hands on cookie decorating. If you have little hands that like to help and need to be kept busy for several hours with something that they can feel they accomplished something with these are a lot of fun. When I made these I was living in Hong Kong so I used materials that I was able to find. It was a humid climate so you might need to adjust setting time for the white chocolate. This activity uses peanut butter please make sure none of your decorators are allergic before starting.


Any small edibles that that is available at your local food store in the cake mix aisle.
Sprinkles (one for each mouth)
Mini M&M’s (for the scarf / buttons)
Dragees / Sugar Pearls (for the eyes of the snowmen)
Sprinkle confetti (for the buttons / scarf)
You could also use licorice rope if it is available in your area
Nutter Butter Cookies
White Chocolate chips
covered baking sheets

There is no exact recipe for these just have fun. An adult should melt the white chocolate with a few teaspoons of milk as needed. Dip the cookies in the melted chocolate. For these I only dipped one side because I found when I dipped both sides they got too bulky. Plus white chocolate is very overpowering and people enjoy the surprise peanut butter center. Make sure that you cover the cookie so that the center is covered in white chocolate. Allow the access white chocolate to drip off the cookie before placing it on the baking tray to set. Lay them on a tray so that the clean side is facing down. Let sit for several minutes to allow the white chocolate to set before your helpers start to decorate.

Leave the snowmen on the tray to decorate because the chocolate will not be completely set for quite a while and could still be warm to the touch. Time for those little helping hands to magically transform cookies into snowmen! Let sit for several hours to completely harden before removing from baking tray and serving or unstuck from tray and stack them on top of each other to bring to your event.

Felissa is an Independent Jewelry Stylist with Stella & Dot.


Anonymous said...

Those are super cute!

Sophia said...

I agree these are super cute and now I'm hungry. This is good for me...no baking! lol