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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Felissa's Gluten Free - Wheat Free Trifle Sundae Recipe

Our guest blogger recipe today comes from my friend Felissa. Today she is sharing with us her favorite recipe for Gluten Free and Wheat Free Trifle Sundae.

Gluten Free Trifle Sundae Recipe

Large Box Vanilla Pudding
Large Box Chocolate Pudding
Regular Box Pistachio Pudding
Regular Box Butterscotch Pudding
Cool Whip
Chopped Nuts
Maraschino Cherries
Gallon of milk

Trifle Dish or Giant Glass Bowl

Prepare Pudding according to box instructions. Make one flavor pudding at a time so that they do not set before you get them in the dish or bowl. For this recipe you can use full fat pudding or be kind to everyone’s waistline and use the fat free version. The only difference is that the full fat version will hold up and stay separate flavors once served while the fat free will mix together because it is not as firm – trust me no one cares because it is just such a fun dessert to look at and eat.

Starting with either the chocolate or vanilla flavor pour each layer on top of the other leaving time for each to set slightly (about a half hour) before adding the next layer. You can layer however you want and in truth use whatever flavor pudding your family likes or that you feel will make the prettiest presentation. Once you have finished layering all the pudding flavors top with the cool whip and decorate the top of your Sunday. Allow to set in the fridge until ready to serve. You can make this the day before just leave off the cherries until the last minute before serving or bringing to your pot luck party. You can include chocolate sauce or other family favorite Sundae toppings.

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