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Friday, December 11, 2009

Vegetables - How To Make Radish and Onion Flowers

How To Make An Onion Flower

Hold your onion so that the onion point is at the top. Make the first cut by taking the knife directly down the middle of the onion using a rocking motion. Do not cut completely through the onion. Turn the onion and repeat again. Continue this cutting process until there is no more onion to cut. Place the onion in ice water and the onion will open (bloom). You can add food color to the ice water to give your flower some color if desired. You can skewer the onion flower at the stem end or just set it on your vegetable tray to garnish the tray.

How To Make A Radish Flower

Hold the radish with the stem side down and make 4 cuts down all the way around the radish. Peel off the top portion or leave it as is. Place the radish in cold ice water to get it to open (bloom). Then use it to garnish a vegetable tray or salad.

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