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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Product Review - It Tastes RAAW Vegetable Fruit Juices

Today I would like to introduce you to a company called Raw Foods International which manufactures delicious vegetable fruit juices which are called It Tastes RAAW.

Here is a little bit of information about the company from their marketing materials: In March 2010, Raw Foods International made a splash at the BevNet Supple Expo in Anaheim California. In an age where fast food overshadows family dinner, Raw Foods International is taking a different approach by focusing on selling high quality vegetable fruit juices. Each refreshing juice is uniquely designed to contribute to your overall health and wellness. "It Tastes RAAW is essentially taking the juicer out of the mix and offers a fresh product, requiring no effort from the consumer, aside from enjoying their juice experience while on the run or at home."

It Tastes RAAW vegetable fruit juice contains no added sugar or preservatives and is packed with vital nutrients not meant to sustain hunger, but to keep your body balanced throughout the day. It Tastes RAAW comes in 4 delicious flavors: Better Beets, Cucumber Pineapple, Carrot Lemonade and Cranberry Ginger. It Tastes RAAW won First Place in the 2008 Western Hemisphere Premier Food and Beverage Show!

My Product Review: I was recently contacted by the generous folks in their marketing department and asked if I would do a product review of the It Tastes RAAW beverages...I of course, said yes. I was sent an entire case to try out which contained 3 bottles of each of the 4 flavors. My husband and I are both avid veggie and fruit juice drinkers so we are anxious to try them out.

I decided to try out the cucumber pineapple first and from the very first sip, I was hooked! I poured my juice into a glass of ice and enjoyed it from start to finish. It was smooth, refreshing and had a fabulous taste with no after-taste. It really did taste great! My husband decided to try out the cranberry ginger juice and he drank his straight from the bottle. At first he wasn't sure what to make of it but after a few swallows, he was enjoying it! Matter of fact, 2 hours later he asked me for another one! I decided to let my mother try out the better beet juice and she poured it into a glass of ice. She said it tasted smooth and better than any other type of beet juice that she has tried. Since my daughter is the lemonade drinker in the house, I decided to let her try out the carrot lemonade flavor. She wasn't sure if she would like it because she is not fond of carrots...however, after just a few swallows she commented to me that she loved the juice and wanted to take the other 2 bottles home with her. She said it had a pleasant slightly sweet taste with no after-taste to it.

Flavors Available:

Better Beets - This flavorfully fascinating beverage offers a unique blend of beet and fruit juices, providing a bold flavor & smooth taste.

Cranberry Ginger - This beverage embodies the perfect marriage of both sweet and spicy, packing a punch for your taste buds.

Carrot Lemonade - This well balanced and vibrant juice provides a tangy blend of carrot and fruit juices to quench your thirst and refresh your palate.

Cucumber Pineapple - This unusually fantastic beverage sets the stage for surprise. The soft taste of cucumber combined with the sweet and exotic taste of pineapple is the perfect energizer and satisfies your thirst perfectly.

My Over-All Impression: Frankly, I wasn't sure if my family and I would like the combination of vegetables mixed with fruit juices...but after we tried them, we have become hooked! Drinking It Tastes RAAW vegetable fruit juices is certainly a lot healthier than consuming soft drinks and I recommend these beverages to you.

Buy It: You can purchase these fabulous RAAW vegetable fruit juices online by visiting the Raw Foods International web site. They are shipped direct to you safely and securely to your office or home. A 12-pack of these beverages only costs $42.00 U.S. Dollars.

I would like to thank the folks at Raw Foods International for allowing me and my family to do a product review for them. I certainly recommend these beverages to you as they are so much healthier for you than soft drinks! I think they are absolutely fantastic for those of us who lead busy lives and don't always have time to make our own fruit & veggie juices at home. I give this beverage 2 thumbs up!

Disclaimer: Shelly Hill was sent 1 case of vegetable fruit juices by the company Raw Foods International for her product review. Shelly has received no monetary compensation for her review. Shelly has posted a honest and unbiased opinion of the products that she and her family reviewed. Your thoughts, opinions and experience might differ from theirs.

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