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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Product Review - ZeroWater Filtration Water Pitcher

Today I would like to introduce you to a company called ZeroWater who makes the most fantastic water filtration pitcher that I have ever used! In fact, ZeroWater is the only filtered water from a pitcher that meets FDA definition for purified bottled water! Unlike conventional gravity-fed water filters, ZeroWater's patented 5-Stage ion-exchange filter delivers the only filtered water to measure an absolute 000 on the TDS meter. Meter readings for your tap water averages between 030-500, and bottled water between 000-350.

You can save a lot of money by using the ZeroWater Filtration Pitchter compared to bottled water. One ZeroWater filter can make 30 gallons of purified-quality bottled water which is an average savings of $60.00 per month. Furthermore, you are saving our planet earth by not throwing plastic bottles into a landfill. The ZeroWater filtration pitcher comes with a digital TDS Meter so that you can test your own tap water and then test your new filtered water...let me tell you....there is a big difference! ZeroWater also recommends that once you start using your new ZeroWater pitcher that you test your new filtered water every couple of gallons...this way, you will know when its time to replace the filter.

Why I Love My New ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher: Wow...where do I begin on this one? First of all, I love how sleek and modern this water pitcher looks! It looks so nice sitting in my refrigerator and when I place it onto my table, it looks equally nice. I love how you can pour your water out via the pour spot or you can use the push button fridge dispenser and just let it flow into your glass without picking up the pitcher. I love that it came with the digital TDS meter so I could personally test our regular tap water and compare it to the water that was now coming out of my ZeroWater pitcher. Let me tell you...there is a BIG DIFFERENCE! My tap water registered 199 to 205 on the meter....the reading I got from the water coming from my new ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher is 000. Wow!

Test: I dipped the meter into coffee mug that had regular tap water in it. Reading was 205.

This photo shows hubby testing the water in our new ZeroWater pitcher and it tested back as 000 which is a perfect purified reading!

Hubby and I decided to taste test our new water and both of us were totally amazed at how clean and refreshing our new water tastes! Furthermore, we see nothing floating around in our water as it sits in our glass whereas before, we would sometimes see little particles of 'stuff' floating around in our water. We are booth extremely impressed with this ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher and will now be using it forever!

Where To Buy: You can buy the ZeroWater pitcher at: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, Amazon.com, Walmart, J&R, Gracious Home, Bartell Drugs, Wegmans, PC Richards, Bi-mart, Chef Central and a few other locations. Plus, you can go to the ZeroWater web site & register so that you will get $30.00 in coupons!

My Overall Impression: I can not say enough good things about this ZeroWater Pitcher...seriously, every home needs to have one! I highly recommend this company and their product to you! Buy one for yourself (highly recommend) and/or grab a few for gifts!

I would personally like to thank Rose at ZeroWater for allowing me to do a product review for their company. Hubby and I absolutely love our new ZeroWater pitcher!

Disclaimer: Shelly Hill has personally reviewed the product listed above. Shelly has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Shelly did receive a free product to try out so she could evaluate and use it for her review. Her thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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