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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ruby Red Christmas Slush Beverage Recipe

When it comes to entertaining and hosting parties during the holidays, I am always looking for fantastic recipes that I can make and serve to my guests. Last year, I got this recipe from my sister-in-law as everyone raved about it at our Christmas party.

This slush recipe will make a little over 2 gallons.

Christmas Slush Recipe

2 (6 ounce) cans frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed & undiluted
4 1/2 cups of water
2 (46 ounce) cans red fruit punch
1 (46 ounce) can unsweetened pineapple juice
1 (48 ounce) bottle cranapple juice
2 (33 ounce) bottles of gingerale, chilled

Combine thawed orange juice concentrate and water, mixing both together really well. Stir in the fruit punches, pineapple juice and the cranapple juices. You will want to freeze this mixture in a large container, stirring it occasionally.

Remove the container from the freezer 3 hours before you are ready to serve your guests, stirring it occasionally as it thaws out. About 15 minutes before serving time, you will want to stir in the 2 bottles of chilled gingerale. (make sure you gingerale is chilled and not at room temperature).

Serve your slush in a big punch bowl.

1 comment:

Joaness said...

Sounds Yummy. Will have to try it when I have the kids here for Xmas before cruise. Of course they will want to spike it!