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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Product Review: Newman's Own Organics ~ Pretzel Snacks

Today I would like to introduce you to the company called Newman's Own Organics and their fantastic line of organic pretzels. What I love about this particular company and these pretzel snacks is that they are USDS certified organic and they are made in the good old USA!

The great folks at Newman's Own Organics sent me a huge box of various goodies for me and my family to try out over the next couple of weeks. To make this easier on myself, I will be writing up separate product reviews for each of the product lines we are sampling.

My Review: Today's review features the Newman's Own Organics Pretzels line. They sent me a full size bag of 3 different types of their pretzels to try out. We received a bag of their Mighty Minis Pretzels, a bag of their Salted Rounds Pretzels and a bag of their Pretzel Rods to try out. We have never tried organic pretzels before so we were excited about trying them. I pack a lot of sack lunches for my hubby and daughter to take with them to work so I decided to use the salted round pretzels for their snacks yesterday. After they returned home I asked them what they thought? Hubby loved the taste and size of the pretzels as he is not a fan of rock hard large pretzels. These pretzels were just perfect for him. I asked daughter what she thought and she said they tasted great and that they had just the perfect amount of salt on them. Both of them came home with empty bags and asked me to pack more for them tomorrow. I decided to snag the mighty mini pretzels for myself. These pretzels are fabulous! I love the taste of them with the perfect blend of salt...they are not overly salty at all! Hubby decided to take the bag of the pretzel rods to work for their afternoon meeting to serve to his associates since he had ordered a veggie tray with dip and he thought the pretzels would make a nice addition. I asked him what they all thought about the pretzels and he said...well, I didn't ask them but they were all gone within 30 minutes. I will take that as they were a "hit" with the associates!

Overall Impression: My family and hubby's employees all enjoyed the pretzel snacks that we taste tested. Truth of the matter is this, when I go grocery shopping, I will be buying more of Newman's Own Organic Pretzel Snacks and will be purchasing this brand as our new preferred pretzel brand! We give this product a huge 2 thumbs up!

I would like to thank Newman's Own Organics for sending me the pretzels to try out for my product review! We loved them!

Disclaimer: Shelly Hill has personally reviewed the products listed above. Shelly was not compensated for this review. Shelly's opinions are truthful and unbiased, your opinions may differ. Shelly did receive free product from the sponsoring company so that she could honestly try them out and offer her opinion to her readers. For additional information, Please read my Terms of Service Policy. Thanks!

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