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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Product Review ~ Newman's Own Organics Chocolate Bars

If you have been reading my blog postings the past few weeks you will have noticed that I have been writing a lot of product reviews for the great company called Newman's Own Organics.

Today is another one of those postings and this review is about their fantastic organic chocolate bars which are all made with 100% premium organic chocolate! All of Newman's Own Organics chocolate bars are USDA certified organic which means that at least 95% of the ingredients used in them are certified organic ingredients.

The chocolate bars are available in two sizes: 3.25-ounce and 2.25-ounce. They are available in 6 mouth-watering delicious flavors: Espresso Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Orange Dark Chocolate, Mocha Milk Chocolate and the Super Dark Chocolate candy bars.

My Review: I received one bar of each of the 6 varieties that they sell and let me tell you...it was really hard deciding which bar was my favorite! I decided to not be greedy with my new chocolate stash and decided to share them with my family and a few of my local friends. My hubby was madly in love with the Espresso Dark Chocolate and the Orange Dark Chocolate bars. I was madly in love with the Mocha Milk Chocolate (my absolute favorite) and the regular Milk Chocolate bars. My 61 year old mother was head over heels in love with the Super Dark Chocolate bar and she enjoyed having a small piece of my Mocha Milk Chocolate bar. My daughter was all over the Espresso Dark Chocolate bar and had to bribe her dad to share it with her (she gets to clean the bathroom next weekend LOL). My BFF Renee was in love with the Orange Dark Chocolate bar. As you can see...we all had our preferences on which one we liked the best but I will admit...they were all delicious!

Overall Impression: These Newman's Own Organic chocolate bars rock!!! They tasted so fresh like they were just made a few hours earlier. I love how the chocolate is smooth and just melts in your mouth and leaves your taste buds wanting more! These organic chocolate bars are a HUGE and I mean a HUGE hit in our home. We will definitely be buying more of these very soon! My only suggestion to the Newman folks would be...please make us some chocolate chips so that we can use them in our baking using your same organic chocolate!

The next time you head out to purchase some delicious chocolate bars, I want you to consider purchasing Newman's Own Organics line of chocolate bar products! I will (almost) guarantee that if you are a chocolate lover of FINE chocolates, you will enjoy these bars!

Disclaimer: Shelly Hill has personally reviewed the products listed above. Shelly was not compensated for this review. Shelly's opinions are truthful and unbiased, your opinions may differ. Shelly did receive free product from the sponsoring company so that she could honestly try them out and offer her opinion to her readers. For additional information, Please read my Terms of Service Policy. Thanks!

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