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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Product Review ~ Newman's Own Organics Champion Chip Cookies

If you have been following my blog for the past few weeks you will have read several product reviews that I have written for Newman's Own Organics and today I have another product to share with you. Today's review is on the Newman's Own Ogranics Champion Chip Cookies line of products.

The Newman's Own Organics Champion Chip Cookies are available in 5 delicious flavors. They come in: Orange Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chips, Espresso Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Mint Chip. Wow...just typing those names made my mouth water!

I consider myself to be quite the cookie lover...if you ask my hubby, he will tell you that I bake a batch of cookies every week! With that said, I don't purchase a lot of prepackaged cookies so I was really excited to receive 3 bags of Newman's Organics to try out. I received the Orange Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and a bag of the Double Chocolate Mint Chip.

The first ones we decided to try were the Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies...after all...a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips in it is just too tempting! The first thing I want to say about these cookies is that they are the perfect texture and what I mean about that is that they aren't too hard and they aren't too soft where they fall a part when you grab them. I also like the size of the cookies as I am not into big jumbo cookies that are like eating a meal, nor am I into eating mini cookies. I like the normal sized cookie and these are exactly that. These are a chocolate base cookie with chocolate chips and let me tell you...it only takes one chocolatey bite to instantly get hooked on this flavor! At times I enjoy warm cookies so I placed a few on a plate and microwaved them for 15 seconds and they tasted warm and delicious, just like if I would of baked them myself and had just taken them out of the oven.

A few days later (after we demolished bag #1) we decided to try the orange chocolate chip with our morning coffee. I wasn't sure if I would like this flavor or not because usually I am not a big fan of citrus flavored baked goods...however, I was pleasantly surprised that these cookies tasted great. They do not have an over-whelming orange flavor to them...just a slight one which makes them perfect!

After we had finished off that bag, I served the Double Chocolate Mint Chip cookies to my girlfriends after we came back from a long chilly walk. (I participate in a neighborhood walking group). Anyway, I fixed us all some hot cocoa and served my lady friends this particular flavor of cookies. Each bag holds 10 oz. and let me tell you...within 30 minutes 5 grown ladies had completely eaten the entire bag of cookies. I asked my friends what they really thought of the cookies? My friend Mary told me that she has had them before and already knew she liked them. (okay, she doesn't count LOL) but my other girlfriends had never tried any of the Newman's Own Organics Champion Chip Cookies and they told me they were surprised that prepackaged organic cookies tasted so good. They thought they would be very bland and hard as rocks. I then asked them if they would ever purchase them? All of my lady friends either said yes or nodded their heads. I guess that means this is a "glowing" endorsement that the Newman's Own Organic Champion Chip Cookies are truly CHAMPIONS!!! yeah!!!

If you have never tried this line of cookies before, I highly recommend that you check them out. My favorite of the 3 varieties that we tried is the Chocolate Chocolate Chip but then again, I am a total chocoholic! I went to the store yesterday to look for the Espresso Chocolate Chip variety but they didn't have it, so now I am on a mission to find them as I love chocolate and I love espresso! I will check to see if Giant sells them in a few days.

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