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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Product Review ~ Newman's Own Organics Newman-O's Cookies

Today would like to introduce you to the company called Newman's Own Organics and to their fantastic Newman-O's cream filled sandwich cookies. This cookies are organic and contain No Partially Hydrogenated Oils and No Trans-Fatty Acids. They are a great healthier alternative to the standard sandwich cookie you find out in the market place.

The Newman-O's sandwich cookies are sold in two convenient sizes, the 9 oz. and 16 oz sizes. They are available in 6 delicious flavors: Peanut Butter filled chocolate sandwich cookies, original creme, mint creme, creme filled ginger cookies, wheat free - dairy free and chocolate creme filled chocolate cookies.

My Review: I received 2 packages of the Newman-O's for my product review. I got the mint creme filled cookies and the peanut butter filled chocolate sandwich cookies to try out. I have always bought that popular brand that you see out in the marketplace but have never tried the Newman-O's brand until now and boy...I was really impressed with these! I enjoy having cookies and milk a few times a week since I am not a milk drinker...I always have to have something to dunk in my milk and these cookies are just perfect for that! I love the smooth creamy filling in both of these varieties and love both equally well. (okay...I think I might prefer the peanut butter ones just a hair more LOL). I decided to share the cookies (yes, it was hard for me to share them) with my family. Hubby loves his cookies straight out of the package so he gobbled up the mint creme filled ones pretty quickly. My little grand daughter seemed to prefer the peanut butter filled ones (just like her nanny) and my 25 year old daughter sided with hubby and preferred the mint creme filled ones. These cookies make the perfect delicious little snack when you are in the mood for cookies and they pack well in workplace and school lunch bags. They had a nice sweet taste but not overly sweet...I would say just perfect!

Overall Impression: Well...we loved the cookies! We will buy both of these varieties when we go shopping and are in the mood for sandwich cookies! We now have a new favorite brand in our house and it is Newman-O's! If your family loves sandwich cookies, I invite you to try out the Newman's Own Organics line on your next shopping trip.

Disclaimer: Shelly Hill has personally reviewed the products listed above. Shelly was not compensated for this review. Shelly's opinions are truthful and unbiased, your opinions may differ. Shelly did receive free product from the sponsoring company so that she could honestly try them out and offer her opinion to her readers. For additional information, Please read my Terms of Service Policy. Thanks!

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