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Monday, January 31, 2011

Product Review ~ Newman's Own Organics Hermits Cookies

Today I would like to introduce you to the company called Newman's Own Organics and their line of organic Hermits cookies. These soft and chewy old-fashioned cookies come in 3 flavors: Original, Cinnamon and Ginger, they come in 9 oz. packages and each package contains twelve cookies. These spicy flavorful cookies are made with organic ingredients like organic raisins and are sweetened with organic molasses. Each cookie is approximately 80 calories with 15 of those calories being fat.

My Review: I received 2 packages of Newman's Own Organics Hermits to try out for my product review. I received a package of the Cinnamon Hermits and a package of the Ginger Hermits. I had never heard of hermits until I got these packages for my review. I was really interested in trying these cookies out as I have TMJ and sometimes chewing can be a big problem for me...so anything that is soft and chewy is appealing to me. First up...the Cinnamon Hermits. I really appreciated that they indeed were soft and chewy! (I have bought cookies before that stated on package soft & chewy but once I got them home and opened up...they were brick hard)...these were definitely soft & chewy! This flavor has the perfect blend of organic raisins, cinnamon and organic molasses. I love the combination of those ingredients as its a very pleasant tasting cookie. LOVE THEM! Next up...the Ginger Hermits. I am usually not a fan of ginger but these surprised me as being tasty! They are a blend of organic raisins, organic figs, ginger and other spices. I really couldn't taste the ginger but loved the combination of raisins and figs in this one! Loved these too! I asked hubby to try them out and he liked them both but preferred the Cinnamon Hermits.

Overall Impression: We both enjoyed Newman's Own Organics Hermits Cookies! They are definitely soft and chewy so if you have any jaw problems or just prefer soft & chewy cookies, these hermits would be perfect for you! Would I ever purchase these? Yes I would and I plan on purchasing particularly the Cinnamon Hermits on my next shopping trip.

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