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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

Years ago I used to work in the medical field for 8 long stressful years and back then...we didn't have great stores like Blue Sky Scrubs to buy nursing scrubs from. Blue Sky Scrubs carries a large selection of medical & dental scrubs, white lab coats, scrub hats, jackets, scrub shirts, medical coats and all of the accessories to go along with them.

What I love about this store you might ask? I love all of the wonderful colors and styles that are available at their store! Furthermore...if you like matching tops, bottoms and scrub jackets, you can find matching scrub sets at Blue Sky Scrubs! If you are looking to buy medical uniforms, this is the store you need to shop at!

You will find scrubs for both men and women and all of them are affordably priced! You will find them in so many different colors that it is amazing the selection that they have. (note: I am partial to their French Lilac color scrub set). If you are looking for a few accessories to go with your scrubs, check out their earrings and beaded lanyards...really pretty items! If you are a nurse in uniform, I know you will appreciate their selection and affordable prices.

I have many blog readers, friends and family members who currently work in the medical & dental fields and I invite you to head on over to the Blue Sky Scrubs web site and check out their amazing selection of scrubs and accessories!

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