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Friday, March 25, 2011

2 Must Have Kitchen Items For Busy Moms Who Don't Have Time To Cook!

crock pot full of pork & sauerkraut

When it comes to being a busy mom...we often struggle with finding the time to cook

healthy home cooked meals for our family. We spend our days getting the kids to

school, working in or outside of the home, running the kids to after school activities,

running errands and then once we arrive home again, it's dinner time.

In our busy lives it is easy to fall into the trap of purchasing take out or hitting a fast food

joint and buying unhealthy food to feed to our families. As a mother you can solve this

problem by investing in two very helpful must-have kitchen appliances.

If you want to prepare healthy meals at home and do so lickety split then I suggest that you invest in two quality kitchen appliances. Let's take a look at those two appliances more in depth.
1. You should invest in a good quality crock pot. I suggest a 3 or 5 quart crock pot depending on the size of your family. The one that I own is 5 quart and made of stoneware which is super easy to clean because it can be placed into a dishwasher.

Slow Cooked Meal Suggestions: pork roast and sauerkraut, barbequed pulled-pork for sandwiches, beef stew, beef vegetable soup, chicken pot-pie, chicken corn soup, chili, short style spare ribs, chicken and pasta dishes, chicken and rice soup, chicken and dumplings and Salisbury steak and gravy are just a few delicious meals you can make in your crock pot.

2. You should invest in a high quality pressure cooker. In the old days I felt they were unsafe so I refused to use one. However...the past few years manufacturers have gotten with the program and now you can find very safe pressure cookers out in the marketplace. You can pressure cook your foods in half the time it takes to bake them and not only that...you will find that your meats will be more moist and taste delicious when pressure cooked.

Meal Suggestions: You can do roasts, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, venison and

lamb in a pressure cooker in half the time of conventional baking.

If you are looking to get into crock pot and pressure cooking I suggest that you invest in a few good cookbooks that are geared towards each of those cooking methods.

Getting dinner onto your family's table every night doesn't mean that you have to spend hours in the kitchen making it. Invest in a crock pot and a pressure cooker and you will find that you can feed your family quickly and easily the healthy meals that they deserve.

This article was written by Shelly Hill, copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved. This article can not be reprinted without my permission.

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