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Friday, April 1, 2011

Product Review: Applied Labels which are Dishwasher Safe Labels For Your Food Storage Containers!

Today I would like to introduce you to the company called Applied Labels, LLC. based out of the great city of Memphis, Tennessee. When you shop the Applied Labels online store you will find labels that you can have personalized with your name, your child's name, school's name or sporting team name...if you need personalized labels for anything...this is the store you need to check out!

I was really excited about doing a product review for Applied Labels since I had read on their web site that you can purchase dishwasher-safe labels!!! I am constantly cooking and baking and sending treats or left-overs home to my daughter's house or to my husband's office and I never get my containers back! I am now solving this problem by using Applied Labels products on my plastic storage ware containers!!!

I received the Classic Applied Labels pack for my review and I simply had the labels imprinted to say THE HILLS. I then used these labels on my pie taker, cake taker, cupcake holder and other plastic ware containers that I send left-overs in to my daughter's house. I love the size on these labels, they a not too small where you have to squint to read them nor are they too large that they ruin the design of the item you are sticking them onto.

The Applied Labels are Ultra-Tough and Dishwasher-Safe and Laundry-Safe Name Tags. You simply select a clean and dry surface to apply the label onto, pull off the backing sheet and apply the label by pressing down on the label firmly. For the review, I applied some of the labels to my plastic storage containers and to my large on-the-go beverage container. I have since washed the items in the dishwasher a few times now and the labels look just as perfect today's as they did last week when I applied them! I love how this mom used the Applied Labels to personalize the baby's bottles which is a great way to keep baby's bottles from being mixed up at the daycare center.

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