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Monday, April 18, 2011

Using Fair Trade Products in your Cooking

When I am buying certain items to stock my pantry, I try and buy as many Fair Trade goods as possible. Fair Trade is a social and market based movement that promotes the fairness of paying a fair prices for products that are produced and exported from developing countries. The products are labeled as such and it does a lot to help those farmers and workers in the developing countries break free from poverty and grow equitable status. Most of the items we see sold as a fair trade item are handcrafted goods, coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea, bananas, honey, cotton, wine, fresh fruit, and chocolate. Also flowers and gold depending on the country.

Premcrest Fair Trade is a an online wholesaler. They have 40 years experience in selling fair trade food and drink products. They are a great place to look if you cannot find fair trade items in your local stores. While shopping, you can look on the label for the fair trade mark and you can be assured that you are supporting a fair trade item. If you are having difficulty finding fair trade items in your market, you can send your local retailer to the Premcrest Fair Trade wholesale part of the website where they can purchase the products to carry in your local markets.

Finding cooking ingredients that are healthy and also support independent farmers and farm workers is important to me and the more we let others know about it, the more prevalent it will become. In the long run, we can hope that many more people will take a moment and purchase the fair trade products so that can help change a community and eventually a world.

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