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Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Judge Me for Loving Olive Garden

Don't Judge Me for Loving Olive Garden

Authored by Rickey Combs

Yes. I said it. I said the dreaded "O G" word. You know what? Don't judge. I love Olive Garden. I do. I can't help it. Those breadsticks are phenomenal and they are bottomless. I've turned salad-haters into salad-worshippers after tasting an Olive Garden salad. The dressing is always just right. Yes, I know that the whole "fresh cheese grated at your table" thing is a total gimmick. You know what? It totally works on me. I love to see all that fresh parmesan piled on top of my salad bowl.

Their wine list may not be a mile long, but it certainly won't contain $30 glasses like you'd find at a pricier place. Who can afford to spend that much money on one single glass of wine? I certainly can't. That's one of th! e best things about Olive Garden: it's good food and it's affordable.

I also love that everyone loves Olive Garden. It's comfortable. It's familiar. There's nothing on the menu you wouldn't like--it's all familiar and it's all really good. Who doesn't love lasagna? Who can say to no to a huge bowl of pasta? I pack up the whole extended family, set the home security alarm (home Alarm systems packages), and it's off to Olive Garden.

I never turn down the opportunity to try one of their current specials. They're always fresh and always delicious.

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