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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Women's Bean Project - Chili and Corn Bread Mixes Review

Today I would like to introduce you to the non-profit organization called the Women's Bean Project that was established back in 1989. This wonderful organization has been helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment by employing them in their gourmet food products and handmade jewelry business. I think this is absolutely fabulous and we should all be supporting this wonderful organization if we can.

The Women's Bean Project sells a variety of gourmet food products like chili mixes, bread mixes, cookie mixes, beverage mixes, baking mixes, gift baskets, etc. and all of these mixes and baskets are hand assembled by the women who are employed there. In addition...you will find beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewelry that have also been made by the women who work for this organization. Wow...I am totally impressed with this organization.

My Review: The generous folks over at the Women's Bean Project sent me their fabulous Chili and Cornbread Bundle to try out for all of you. This set includes 2 different styles of chili (one spicy hot and one mild) and the cornbread baking mix. I decided to make the mild chili a few evenings ago since I was expecting some friends over for dinner. I read the instructions enclosed on the package and soaked my beans in water overnight. The next day I assembled the ingredients I needed to prepare the chili and made the child following the directions which were really easy to understand and follow. I cooked it stove top for about 1 1/2 hours over low heat and then transferred it to my slow cooker to keep warm until my dinner guests arrived. I then got busy preparing the corn bread that came in the package and placed that into my oven to bake. About 20 minutes later it was done and I took it out to cool. Once my guests arrived I served them salads, chili and the corn bread. I asked each guest what they thought about the chili and all of them enjoyed it. I asked them about the corn bread and they really loved the corn bread because most corn breads are dry and grainy but this one was moist and flavorful. We give everything we tried a big two thumbs up!

I haven't made the spicy chili mix yet but I am sure it will be just as delicious as the first one. I found the chili and the cornbread mix to be really easy to prepare and you only have to add a few other ingredients. You can purchase this same gift set that I received for the review from their site for only $14.25 and it comes beautifully packaged making it the perfect gift for a foodie lover on your gift list.

You can follow the Women's Bean Project over on Facebook and/or on Twitter so that you can be kept up to date on product specials and news. I would like to thank them for participating in a product review here on our blog.

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