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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Insider Tips From a Premier Caterer: Summer Barbecues

Hamburgers and steaks are the all-American mainstays of summer barbecues. This season, grill up these favorites with international flavors. Ms. Ricky Eisen, premier New York caterer for more than 30 years and founder of Between the Bread, offers simple ways for you to spice up your next summer soiree.

· Simply mix your favorite spices with olive oil and salt into a thin (brushable) paste. Brush on the hamburgers or steaks when grilling the second side. Tip: You can hold off on flavoring the first side, as the meat may get stuck on the grill and be hard to clean.

· Add more flair by putting toothpick flags of the countries represented in the meat when grilling is done.

· Before guests arrive, caramelize onions and peppers in a sauté pan with a bit of salt and oil. The aroma will smell great as guests arrive and they make for great toppings.

Suggested Flavors to Enhance Barbecue Fare:

· Curry paste to add Indian flavor

· Cayenne or hot pepper and cilantro for a South-of-the Border influence

· Paprika and garlic for an Eastern European twist

· Lemon and garlic for a Greek-inspired meal

· Hummus or tahini for Middle Eastern taste

Seasonal Side that will “Wow” Guests:

Place local corn (husk and all) on the grill for approximately 10 minutes, rotating the corn until most of the husk is lightly charred. The corn inside will have a delicious grilled flavor without the charring or burning. For toppings, add dried spices to salt or fresh herbs to butter. Basil, parsley and dill are readily available during the summer months.

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