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Monday, July 4, 2011

Delicious Gourmet Cookies from Smiley Cookie

Love great tasting cookies? I know I do! Today I am going to talk to you about a great cookie company called Smiley Cookies which is owned and operated by the famous Eat'nPark family restaurant chain. If you are not familiar with Eat'nPark let me tell you...they are a great place to take the family out for a family meal and all of their food is delicious. They are very family-friendly and each child that dines at Eat'nPark gets a free Smiley Cookie so that is how the Smiley Cookie got it's start!

Smiley Cookies make a great gift for someone you love, your boss, your employee, someone's birthday or even purchase them for the holidays. If you are a cookie lover like myself...buy them and enjoy them at home. The Smiley Cookies come in a variety of shapes (like hearts, shamrocks, bunnies, etc.) and you can purchase them by the package or purchase an entire cookie gift basket.

My Review: I received a dozen of the Smiley Cookies for my review and they happened to arrive on my Birthday!!! When the package arrived and I opened the box I saw 12 perfectly round Smiley Cookies staring back at me. These are not tiny little cookies...these are large satisfying cookies about the size of the palm of an adult's hand. I love that each cookie is hand-frosted and then colored frosting is used for the facial features. Totally fun seeing a cookie smiling back at you!

The cookies taste absolutely fabulous! I gave the guests at my party each a cookie and it was gone within minutes! Everyone commented about how soft they were and how they had a nice buttery vanilla taste to them. They actually couldn't believe that these were mail order cookies! I think these Smiley Cookies are great gifts...for both adults and children! I know they brought several smiles to my face on my special birthday.

What is really cool is that if you are not going to eat your cookies right away, you can place them into plastic bags or containers and freeze them (they freeze well) and then thaw when you need them. In addition, if you like your cookies warm...you can microwave them for a few seconds and enjoy a fresh warmed up cookie.

Overall Impression: I think the Smiley Cookies rock! Seriously...I loved them! I know that my hubby's 50th Birthday is approaching in October and I plan on purchasing some custom-made Smiley Cookies for his Birthday party! I give this company and their products a huge two thumbs up!

Purchasing Information: You can purchase one dozen of the Smiley Cookies like I reviewed for only $13.99 or purchase two dozen for $12.99 per dozen. FREE shipping for orders over $50.00.

You can follow Smiley Cookie over on Facebook and over on Twitter so you can be informed of product specials and important cookie news!

I would like to thank Smiley Cookie for sending me a dozen of their delicious cookies to review and they arrived on the perfect day...my Birthday! Your cookie products are fantastic and we highly recommend them.

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