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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Delicious Teas from Teas'Tea

Today I would like to introduce you to the company called Teas'Tea and this line of delicious tasting teas have been around since 2002. The company makes all-natural teas in a variety of flavors and they range from zero to 70 calories per serving. Just recently the Teas'Tea teas came in first place at the North American Tea Championships. Here is a little bit about that.

The North American Tea Championship are judged by a panel of professional cuppers, leading retail buyers of tea and restaurateurs and assessed through blind organoleptic analysis of the following characteristics:

+ flavor
+ mouthfeel
+ color
+ clarity
+ balance

The ratings of each characteristic are calculated on an overall numerical value on a 100-point scale, with winners determined by rank. With a rating of 92 points in the Oolong Tea category, TEAS’ TEA® Mango Oolong received the highest rating of any tea in the Iced Tea Class.

My Review: The great folks over at Teas'Tea sent me a reusable shopping tote and 2 bottles of their teas to try out in my own home for all of you. I was really excited about trying their chilled teas since I am a huge tea drinker. First up is the Teas'Tea Unsweetened Pure Green Tea and for this one...I left my mother drink it and give me her opinions on it. This tea has zero calories and contains natural tea antioxidants. My mom drink the tea chilled and in a glass with ice and she loved the fresh, clean, green tea taste with this tea. She said it had a nice refreshing taste which is just perfect for a hot summer day to help cool you down and keep you hydrated.

The second tea is one that I got to personally enjoy and this one is the Teas'Tea Mango Oolong Tea which is a low-calorie tea with only 40 calories per serving. Just like my mother, I chilled it first and then poured it over ice. This tea is absolutely delicious! It has a light tea taste to it with a hint of mango...it was sweet but not overly sweet...in my opinion, just perfect on the sweetness. I love fruit flavored teas and this one is just perfect for me. I consumed the entire thing in less than one hour!

Overall Impression: This was the first time that mom and I have ever had Teas'Tea and we loved them! I love that they come in these single serve bottles and you simple chill them so that they are ready for you whenever you want them. They had a wonderful flavorful taste to them and they did quench our thirst and were perfect to drink on these 100 degree hot days we have been experiencing. I really appreciate that you can get Teas'Tea in zero, forty or 70 calorie servings. We give the Teas'Tea a huge 2 thumbs up and I plan on purchasing these teas for my family the next time we hit the grocery store!

I would like to invite you to follow Teas'Tea over on Facebook and on Twitter so that you can be kept up to date with company news and happenings. I would like to thank Teas'Tea for participating in this product review.

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