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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitchen Table Bakers Aged Parmesan Crisps

Today I would like to introduce you to the snack food company called Kitchen Table Bakers who makes a snack food called Parmesan Crisps and they are entirely made out of cheese! These cheese snacks can be eaten alone or you can serve them with dips and a beverage...like a nice glass of wine! You can read about the company's history and how they got their start by clicking ---> HERE

My Review: The great folks over at Kitchen Table Bakers sent me 3 packages of their snack foods to try out for all of you. First up is the Aged Parmesan Mini Crisps and Aged Parmesan Crisps which are wheat free, gluten free and sugar free. The crisps are made with the highest quality Aged Parmesan cheeses, natural seasonings and they are naturally low in carbs. We opened up both packages since they were the same flavor but just different sized crisps and sat down for a taste test. When you taste these crisps all you taste is the delicious taste of the aged Parmesan cheese and since we are BIG cheese lovers...we loved them! They have a nice crunch to them but are not hard where you would bust a few teeth which we appreciate that! Overall on the taste scale we give them a 9 out of 10...yummy!

We also had a chance to try out their Everything Parmesan Crisps which are a combination of onions, poppy seeds, garlic and sesame seeds baked into their own special blend of Aged Parmesan Cheeses. We opened the package for these and sat down to try them out. Personally, I didn't care for this variety at all. However, my hubby enjoyed them because he liked the combination of flavors that these crisps had. So I give this variety a 1 out of 10 and hubby gave them an 8 out of 10. Please remember, just because my "taste buds" didn't enjoy a product doesn't mean your taste buds won't enjoy it.

Out of all 3 packages of Parmesan Crisps that we tried my personal favorites were the mini Aged Parmesan Crisps! I like the size of these and I loved the cheesy taste! I would like to thank Kitchen Table Bakers for participating in this foodie review here on the SNB Blog.

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