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Friday, August 12, 2011

National Rum Day Cocktail Recipes: Sailor Jerry's Banana Hammock & More

With National Rum Day only a few short days away (coming up this Tuesday, August 16th), I thought you might be interested in some fun and flavorful recipes in order to pay tribute to everyone’s favorite scandalous spirit.

Like any good booze-related holiday, National Rum Day’s history is soaked in speculation, which is only appropriate for liquor with a 350+ year history of scandal. Rather than dig up the past, enjoy the present, which should (of course) find you enjoying a variety of cocktails. Not that you need an excuse to enjoy some delicious Rum cocktails on any day of the week, but Sailor Jerry is on hand to help you celebrate on the 16th with a slew of creative cocktails along with some classic favorites.

In order to spice up the occasion, serve up the fun and quirky Banana Hammock (which will be available on National Rum Day at Mother’s Ruin in NYC) – a twist on the classic daiquiri, which features a mix of Sailor Jerry, homemade banana syrup, fresh lime juice, Angostura bitters with a spiced banana rim. Sure to be a hit on National Rum Day or at any summer gathering, this cocktail is perfect for rum connoisseurs and novices alike.

Looking for a cocktail that brings your Rum Day celebrations back-to-basics? Try the Backyard Tea, a drink that lets you savor the simplicity of a well-crafted cocktail. With ingredients like Ice Tea, lemonade and Sailor Jerry, this recipe gives those celebrating a delicious and simple option when raising their glasses to this classic spirit.

Below are few additional recipes to help celebrate National Rum Day.

Rockabilly Juice Recipe

2 parts Sailor Jerry
½ parts Lemon Juice
1/3 parts Orange Curacao
2 parts Black Tea (iced tea)
Glass: Highball
Method: Build over ice in a tall glass, squeeze and drop in a lemon wedge

Back Yard Tea Recipe
(shown in photo above)

2 parts Sailor Jerry
1 part iced tea
2 parts lemonade
Glass: highball
Method: Add ingredients to in ice-filled glass and garnish with a lemon wedge

Perfect Storm Recipe

2 parts Sailor Jerry
Ginger beer
2/3 lime wedges
Glass: highball / beer glass
Method: Build in glass over cubed ice & garnish with squeezed lime wedges

Banana Hammock Recipe

1.5 oz SJ
.75 oz homemade banana syrup (1:1:1 ratio)
.75 fresh lime juice
Dash of angostura bitters
Shaken over ice. Strained into a coupe glass with spiced banana dusted rim
(Spiced banana dusted rim is sugar caramelized with homemade banana syrup and SJ)

Thank you to the PR company who represents Sailor Jerry for sending me the recipes to share with all of my foodie blog readers! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This blog post is meant for readers who are age 21 years of age and older. Please drink responsibly and don't over do it! Always appoint a designated driver before getting behind the wheel of an automobile.

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