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Monday, September 26, 2011

We Enjoy Fine Wine With Our Nightly Dinners

My husband and I enjoy home cooked meals 5-6 nights a week here in our own home that we personally prepare. I guess you could say that we totally enjoy cooking and baking with one another. (although we hate to clean up our cooking messes!).

After working all day long, we enjoy sitting down to the table and enjoying great food with a nice glass of fine wine to go along with it. Our wine tastes change from week to week. Some weeks we like a good red wine and then on other weeks we enjoy a good white wine. We like to try out different wines from the United States and different wines from around the World.

We like to buy wine online because we can find so many different types of wine from all around the world and have them shipped straight to our front door. This is a great time saver for us to be able to shop online instead of running around shopping at retail stores for wines we most likely wouldn't be able to find in those type of stores.

I also like purchasing wines to give as gifts to friends and family members for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and even for holiday gifts. I think it is always nice when you slide a good tasting wine into a pretty gift bag along with a few wine accessories and give that as a gift...people we know love getting wine gifts from us!

Do you enjoy a good glass of wine with your dinner? If so, what kind of wine do you like? I would love to get some suggestions from my readers on some new wines for hubby and I to try out.

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