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Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Chop, Slice and Freeze Bell Peppers

For those of you who are just learning how to cook and prepare foods...I thought I would share a few tips with you today on how to chop and slice your fresh Bell Peppers.

Pepper Preparation: Wash your peppers to remove any dirt and debris. Use a paper towel or clean cotton cloth and pat them dry. Use a paring knife and cut a circle around the stem of the pepper. Grab the stem and lift the top off of the pepper, discard stem and seeds. Use a dull spoon (teaspoon works well) to remove any membranes or seeds from the pepper. If any seeds remain, rinse the inside of the pepper under cool running water to dislodge them.

Slicing into Rings: Lay the pepper onto it's side and use a paring knife or chef's knife to slice the pepper cross-wise into nice sized rings. If you find any blemishes on the skin, use a paring knife to remove them.

Chopping Your Peppers: Slice pepper into rings and stack 4-5 rings up on top of one another. Using a chef's knife, chop the pile of rings into bite sized pieces. Move the first pile to the side and repeat piling and chopping until all of your peppers are chopped up.

Storing: If you have a lot of Bell Peppers and you don't want them to go bad...you can chop them into pieces or rings and freeze them in plastic containers or plastic freezer bags. I always try to use mine up within 3 months of freezing them.

Final Tip: You never want to chop bell peppers or any other vegetable on a cutting board that was used for meat or fish unless you have properly cleaned the board first. (you must use something good and strong to kill any bacteria that can come from raw meat & fish).

Hope you enjoyed these Bell Pepper tips!

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