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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lang's Chocolates Can Help With Holiday Desserts

Today I am really excited to introduce you all to a chocolate company here in my home state of Pennsylvania and that company is called Lang's Chocolates. Lang's makes some of the best gourmet chocolates that I have ever tasted! The company has a retail business, wholesale business and if your group is looking to raise some funds...they have a fundraising business too! If you are looking for corporate gifts, holiday gifts or just delicious treats for yourself...you have got to check out Lang's Chocolates!

The generous folks over at Lang's sent me some of their gourmet Chocolate Dessert Cups in both dark chocolate and milk chocolate to review for all of you. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to share with all of you how I made some tasty treats for my family using these chocolate dessert cups. They are the perfect item for desserts any time of the year but if you really want your Thanksgiving and Christmas meal to stand out this year...consider preparing a tasty dessert using the Lang's chocolate dessert cups!

Here is some information about the Lang's Chocolate Dessert Cups: They are available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate versions. These chocolate cordial cups can be filled up with your favorite mousse, liquor, pudding, sorbets, etc. Just about any creamy filling that you personally like can be placed into these delicious chocolate dessert cups! Each one measures 1" tall and has a 1" diameter opening. I think they look darling on a table at each guest's place setting. You can purchase a box containing 32 dessert cups for only $17.00.

Last weekend I had a few guests over to my home to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday so I wanted to keep things casual and simple. I decided to use some of my Lang's Dark Chocolate Dessert Cups to make 2 different really easy to prepare desserts. My husband loves dark chocolate and one of his favorite snack type of desserts is my homemade banana pudding. However...even though I made homemade pudding you could certainly use a box mix to save time.I made my pudding and then spooned it into the dark chocolate dessert cups. I then placed one whole almond into the center of 1/2 of the desserts cup. The other 1/2 I simply sprinkled on some ground cinnamon and a few flakes of toasted coconut. I then placed them all onto a serving tray and chilled them until party time. Once the guests arrived...they immediately went for this chocolate party tray. I had a lot of food out...but, they all went after this tray first. (sorry my photo's aren't so fabulous but I am not a foodie photographer...just a foodie lover!).Everyone loved this dessert and when I told them it only took me 15 minutes to prepare they were totally shocked! They all told me that the chocolate cups were fantastic and the girls attending the party wanted to know where I got them and I told them all about Lang's Chocolates. My hubby was on "cloud 9" because he had 2 of his favorite things to eat all packaged into this little tiny edible chocolate cup! Everyone at the party gave both versions of these a big 2 thumbs up and they want to know if I will be making it again for our annual New Year's Even party! yeah!!!

I think the white chocolate version of these dessert cups would be fabulous at baby showers, bridal showers, wedding receptions and other fancy parties and perhaps I will get some of the white chocolate dessert cups for my upcoming New Year's Eve party.

Next week I will share with you another way that I used these dessert cups so please check back next week for that idea! I think these chocolate dessert cups from Lang's Chocolate are absolutely fantastic and I would like to thank Lang's for sending them to me to review for all of you! We highly recommend them!

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