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Monday, October 3, 2011

Stanley Home Products GrimeGuard™ Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray

Today I would like to introduce you to the direct sales company called Stanley Home Products which sells a large variety of products for cleaning inside & outside your home as well as personal care products for you and your family. You will find kitchen cleaning products, bathroom cleaning products, carpet & upholstery cleaning products, laundry cleaning products and so much more! They are a Direct Sales Company so if you are looking to make some extra income working from home...check out their home business opportunity information on their web site.

Information About GrimeGuard™ Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray: (from their site) Effective, dual-action foam combines powerful cleaning action of ammonia, plus GrimeGuard™! GrimeGuard™ provides an invisible shield to guard against accumulated dirt and repel water spot build-up. This protective shield keeps surfaces cleaner longer and makes on-going cleaning, quick, and easy. Plus, the foaming spray is non-streaking and quick drying! Just spray surface lightly and wipe to a streak-free shine.

Use it to clean: Windows, mirrors, chrome, ceramic tile, porcelain, car windows, and TV screens. This product sells for $6.49.

My Review: Today I am reviewing the Stanley Home Products GrimeGuard Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray for all of my SNB blog readers. I am usually not fond of cleaning my windows and mirrors around my home because well...they take forever to clean thanks to streaks left behind from using conventional window cleaners. I was excited to give this product a try to see how it worked.
I started in my guest bathroom my spraying a small amount of the GrimeGuard Glass Cleaner onto my large vanity mirror. Right away I knew I was going to like this product because it is a foam so it clings to your glass & mirrors and doesn't run down or run all over the place. I then used a clean cotton cloth and simply wiped down my mirrors. This was a super quick and easy process and I moved onto the next mirror. After I was done cleaning my bathroom mirrors I stood back to look at them to make sure there were no streaks and there were none! Not a single one! Wow! When you look at my photos you will see that they are yellowish and that is because I have natural daylight bulbs in my light fixtures and streaks always show up with that type of lighting so I was super excited to see absolutely NO streaks...not one!
I used the product with a cotton cloth, no gloves and I didn't receive any hand irritation at all. A little bit of this foam goes a long way! I then used the spray to clean my glass windows on my front door and again...no streaks! It did a great job at removing the dirt, fingerprints and dust that accumulated on my windows from all of the nasty storms we had here during the summertime. I love that the product doesn't run all over the place so you can use it indoors to clean the inside of your glass windows with absolutely no problems!

Overall Impression: I love this product! It did a great job at removing dirt, debris and fingerprints from my mirrors and glass windows. I would give this product 9 stars out of 10 stars on my rating scale. I deducted a full star because of the smell...I would love to see less of a smell when using this product. It wasn't overly smelly...but it did smell like a cleaner. So if they can improve on the smell a tad...I would give it a perfect "Shelly" rating.

Purchasing Info: You can purchase the Stanley Home Products GrimeGuard™ Glass Cleaner Foaming Spray directly from their online store for $6.49 which is a fabulous affordable deal!

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