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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Unique Pyramid Shaped Fruit Holder

Today I am reviewing an item that is pretty to look at but also very functional and if you are a fresh fruit eater like myself...I think you will love this product! The product is made by a company called Design + Home and once you check out their store you will see some really cool products like fruit holders, wine bottle holders and butter bell crocks. I love how classy their products look!

My Review: The Pyramid Fruit Holder arrives to your door and guess what? It is completely assembled so all I had to do was take it out of the box! You can hang up the fruit holder as there is a hanging loop at the top or you can sit it on your countertop. For now, mine is on my countertop but I am going to have hubby hang it under one of my large kitchen cabinets so I can save on countertop space. Regardless, it looks pretty either way.

It is made out of chrome plated heavy-duty wire so it is built to last a very long time and I love the chrome as that goes with any kitchen-style. If you wanted to...you could fill it up with fruit and use it as a table centerpiece too. This nifty holder will hold up to 18 pieces of fruit! I have mine filled with red apples, green apples and oranges and doesn't it look pretty? I love this thing and it is so much better than putting fruit in a fruit bowl. Everyone who sees my new fruit holder has asked me about it and I have told them all to go check out Design + Home.

You can purchase one of these Pyramid Shaped Fruit Holders from them for only $30.00 and I think that is a super affordable price! It would make a fabulous gift for someone too so why not pick up a few of them while you are over there.

I love my new fruit holder and I think you all would love it too so I highly recommend this product and this company to all of you! Thank you Design + Home for sponsoring this product review here on the Shakin and Bakin Foodie Blog.