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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chocolate Fundraisers are a Great Way For Groups to Raise Money

Are you looking to raise money for your group or charity? If so, I would like to suggest that you check into chocolate fundraisers as they have always done really well with the groups I have participated with in the past.

Now...I am no expert in the fundraising department but I did help several groups in the past with fundraisers and many of them did extremely well when they hosted chocolate fundraisers. For example: My daughter participated in professional and school cheerleading for 11 years and every year they did at least one fundraiser that dealt with chocolate products and those fundraisers always out-sold the other fundraisers by 2-to-1 in sales!

Her cheerleading squad tried candles, gift wrap, kitchenware products, subs and even those horrible magazine subscriptions and let me tell you...the chocolate candy ones always did much better than the others! Out of all of the ones I just mentioned...magazine subscriptions did the worse!

I think it's important to have a variety of chocolate candy represented when you select a chocolate fundraising company (example: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate) that way you have a type of chocolate for just about everyone that you would market the fundraiser too. Let's face it...most of us love chocolate and we all love supporting a good cause. I think this is one of the reasons why chocolate fundraisers do so well!

If your group is needing to raise some funds...I would like to suggest that you check out a variety of chocolate fundraisers and consider one of those as they always did well for us in the past when we were fundraising for my daughter's cheerleading squad.

Good Luck with all of your fundraising!

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