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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gourmet Gift Baskets Make Excellent Gifts

My husband and I both have very large families and shopping for all of their birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, holiday gifts, etc. can be a real nightmare for us. However, the past few years we have solved this problem by ordering and sending various gourmet gift baskets to our loved ones.

Just this past Christmas I ordered a blueberry cheesecake and had that sent to my mother for her holiday gift. She is quite the cheesecake snob so when it arrived I was a little nervous about it. The day after she got the cheesecake she called me and raved and raved about it. yeah! That was a home run foodie gift for sure! I read this New York Times article on gourmet cheesecake and that is what helped me to select that foodie product as her gift.

To go along with her cheesecake we did order a nice bottle of white wine which shipped separately but did arrive on the same day. My mother was in cheesecake and wine heaven for several days after her gifts arrived!

A few weeks ago I needed a thank you gift for a business associate and I ordered her a gourmet snack basket and had it shipped to her office. She was super excited about receiving it and thanked me over and over for it.

I just love it when I can find gourmet gift baskets online and have them shipped to my gift receiver lickety split. I also like that there is such a large variety of gourmet gift baskets out there. You can get them for every occasion imaginable!

So there you have it...one of my easy peasy tips when it comes to gift shopping for the foodie lover in your life.

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