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Friday, February 3, 2012

Pizza Bargains - 54 Pizza Restaurants That Offer Free Delivery

With skyrocketing gas prices, more pizza parlors have started charging anywhere from $1 to $3.50 for delivery. You can't really blame them, but after you pay for the "za" and the tip, this added fee makes frozen pizza look more palatable.

While some purveyors of these delicious, doughy discs may eliminate this surcharge for the Super Bowl, Mr. Free Stuff compiled a list of 54 restaurants across the country that never charge for delivery. Here's a sampling, along with Yelp.com review quotes from some friendly customers.

Here is a list of Pizza Places that offer FREE delivery!

Pizza Plus - Brooklyn, N.Y.
"They sell $2 by the slice until 5, and also have free delivery, which was convenient for me since it got to be kind of embarrassing going there as much as I did!" - Emily W., Chicago, Ill.

Zante Pizza & Indian Cuisine - San Francisco, Calif.
"I literally dream of this place at least thrice a week. If I could stick their vegetarian Indian pizza in my face, I would. I just realized that I can and am going to do so." - Lizmar T., San Francisco Bay area

The Rebellion - Denver, Colo.
"Excellent vegan pizza. The crust and the sauce are great, and they use FYH mozzarella and have quality vegan substitutes for almost every meat-type topping. The staff is super friendly and the prices are really reasonable." - Abbie Rae H., Denver

Apollo Pizza - Richmond, Ky.
"Excellent pizza with good ingredients. A dive of a place with college town pizzeria ambiance complete with checkerboard floor & classic pinball & arcade games." - Anonymous

Mandee's Pizza - Salem, Mass.
"Overall 5 stars, this is our new place!" - Liv B., Boston

Pizza Lucé - Minneapolis, Minn.
"Oh, Pizza Luce...how you have fed me night after tormented night. Even though I've only visited your location four or five times in my life, your kitchen has been the source of many, many late-evening delivered meals to my apartment door." - Fiddlecreicket R., Minneapolis

Little Chicago Pizza - Scottsdale, Ariz.
"Some of the most tangy, sweet, fresh tomato sauce I've had on a pizza in a long time! They painted the phrase 'Thin Crust Specialists' on the front window, and that is the truth." - Albert H., Glendale, Ariz.

Collina's Italian Cafe - Houston, Texas
"They have a veggie lasagna that knocks my socks off. The pizzas I have tried here are tasty too." - Lisa C., Austin, Texas