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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Delicious Soft Pretzel Buns from Pretzilla

Today I would like to introduce you to a foodie product called Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Buns by the Miller Baking Company. This is a brand that you find mostly in the midwest so hopefully soon we will be able to find them here on the east coast.

Since 1923, the Miller Baking Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been hand-crafting old-world recipes. They have now taken a 12th century invention - the soft pretzel - and turned it into the most delicious soft pretzel bun that I have ever had! The Pretzilla Pretzel Buns can be eaten straight from the package or if desired you can warm them up too!

For my review...the generous folks over at Miller Baking Company sent me 3 packages of their Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Buns to try out for all of you. Since my family is big artisan bread eaters...I knew they would be super excited about this foodie review.

The Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Mini Buns come freshly baked and packaged in a 8.4 oz. bag. They are perfectly sized for making sliders, mini sandwiches, toasted appetizers or use them for the perfect kid-sized sandwiches.

The Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Burger Buns come freshly baked and packaged in a 12.8 oz. bag (4 large buns per bag). They are perfectly sized for hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken patties, fish patties, sandwiches for adults or however you would like to use them.

The Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Sausage Buns come freshly baked and packaged in a 10.4 oz. bag (4 large buns per bag). Even though they call them sausage buns...they would be perfect for all kinds of things like sandwiches, subs, hot dogs, chili dogs, salad-style sandwiches, etc.

We started using the Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Buns as soon as they arrived! For breakfast one morning we used the mini pretzel buns to make ourselves some egg, cheese and bacon breakfast sandwiches. Let me tell you...they were the BEST breakfast sandwiches EVER and that was because of the delicious tasting pretzel bun! We used the Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Burger Buns to make hamburgers and cheese burgers and besides the delicious taste of these buns I love their size! They are able to hold all of those burger toppings we all love and not fall apart! My family gobbled up all of the burgers I had made for dinner that night in rapid fashion. They were disappointed that they ONLY each got one! ha! Yes folks, I need to get more Pretzilla Pretzel Buns! We used the Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Sausage Buns 2 different ways. One day we had them for lunch when we grilled our hot dogs and another day we used them for tuna salad sandwiches.

Now that my family has tried the Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Buns...they don't want to ever go back to traditional buns again. I totally agree with them! I just hope that Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Buns find their way into some of our Pennsylvania grocery stores sooner than later as this household wants more of them! For now, we will have to order them online. These are the BEST TASTING soft pretzel buns that we have ever had! If you have never tried them, we highly recommend that you do!

We would like to thank the Miller Baking Company for sending us all of the delicious Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Buns to review for all of you. We give this foodie product 10 spoons out of 10 spoons on our rating scale. We LOVE them!

Disclaimer: Shelly Hill has personally reviewed the product listed above. Shelly has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Shelly did receive a free product to try out so she could evaluate and use it for her review. Her thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ. The Shakin N Bakin Blog is not responsible for delivery/shipping of giveaway items won from this blog nor are we responsible for mis-use or injury caused by items won from this Blog. Content on this blog is copyrighted, all rights reserved.

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