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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Swiss Diamond Fry Pan by Everything Kitchens

Today I would like to introduce you to the online kitchen store called Everything Kitchens where you can find just about everything you would need for your kitchen! I absolutely love to cook and bake, so I love this kitchen store!

When you shop at Everything Kitchens you will find blenders, food dehydrators, food processors, hand mixers, juicers, stand mixers, coffee makers, coffee grinders, espresso machines, toasters, cookware, bake ware, smoothie makers, microwave ovens, electric skillets, pizzelle makers, knife sharpeners and so much more! This is truly your one-stop, kitchen store!

My Review: The great folks over at Everything Kitchens sent me their Swiss Diamond 10" Fry Pan w/ non-stick surface to review for all of you. I love the 10" size as it is the perfect size for my family. This frying pan is great for frying, searing and sauteing.Swiss Diamond Fry Pan Features:

* Fry Pan Weight: 0.92kg
* Skillet/ Fry Pan Diameter: 10" (24cm)
* Designed for Standard Cook tops.
* Non-stick cooking surface using real diamond crystals.
* Ergonomically designed handles will stay cool up to 260°C.
* Metal utensil and dishwasher safe.
* Limited lifetime warranty.

The Swiss Diamond 10" Fry Pan has unsurpassed non-stick performance, virtually indestructible and has perfect heat distribution. The pressure cast aluminium body will never warp and thanks to the flat base it can be used on all ceramic, gas and electric cook tops.

Over the past week or so, I have used my new Swiss Diamond Fry Pan for many different things. We used it to make some breakfast omelets and let me tell you, NOTHING stuck to that pan! Usually when we make omelets w/cheese we have issues with the cheese sticking and us not being able to flip our omelets w/ease. That was NOT the case with this fry pan! We also used the fry pan one evening for dinner to fry up some seasoned pork chops. Again, we had no issues with the pork chops sticking to the pan.A few nights ago I had to make a pasta and hamburger stove-top dinner and we had perfect results with that too. The diamond crystals that form a virtually indestructible non-stick cooking surface on this pan is absolutely fantastic.

The 'heat' is evenly distributed throughout the cooking surface of the pan so we got no burnt spots or under-cooked spots at all. It is a really nice well-balanced pan too! I love that ergonomic handle on the fry pan as it makes it super easy to hold without causing me any hand cramps. Cleanup is a breeze too! You can toss it into your dishwasher or hand wash it which only takes a few seconds since nothing sticks in this pan.

I am absolutely in love with my new Swiss Diamond 10" Fry Pan from Everything Kitchens! If you are looking for a new non-stick fry pan, this one should definitely be at the top of your list for consideration. We give it 10 stars out of 10 stars! We would like to thank Everything Kitchens for participating in this cookware review. Your kitchen products are fantastic and I highly recommend them to my readers.

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