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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kitchen Spice Racks :: My New Self Indulgence

Hubby and I are just about done with our kitchen remodeling project and now I am on the hunt for the perfect spice rack system to use in my new kitchen. I have been doing a lot of kitchen shop catalog browsing and a lot of "window" shopping online.

After doing some investigation on the perfect system for my needs I have decided to purchase a few different types of spice racks.

First, I think I will get one of those stainless steel countertop spice racks that spin around. I found one that holds 12 jars and that would be perfect for my everyday cooking and baking needs. I like that it's compact and would hold the 12 spice jars that I use the most.

Second, I am going to purchase a wall spice rack and have my husband hang it in my pantry. That is the perfect place for a spice rack because it's cook, dark and isn't damp. I found one that sort of looks like a baker's rack and has multiple shelves on it for my spice jars and a few places to hold various cooking utensils. I figure it would serve a dual purpose for me and get some of the utensil clutter out of my kitchen cabinet drawers.

Third, my daughter has been wanting a spice rack and lives in a small apartment. I found a really cool rack that goes in a kitchen drawer and holds about 8 jars of spices. She has a lot of drawers in her kitchen but very little cabinet or wall space. I think this type of rack would be the perfect solution for her.

When it comes to storing spices in your own kitchen, what kind of spice rack are you using? Any tips or suggestions for me?