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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Daily Exercise Routine

My New Year's Resolution this past year was to eat more healthier choices when it came to my food and to excercise more. I am really proud to say that I am succeeding at both and in the past 5 months I have lost a total of 17 1/2 lbs. I would like to lose an additional 15 lbs. and I would be pretty happy about that.

Besides changing the foods that I eat to more healthier choices, I started a pretty physical exercise program that I do 5 days a week, with weekends off. I start off my day with a good healthy breakfast and then get onto my treadmill for about 20-25 minutes. Once done, I hop into the shower and get ready for my day.

Since I work at home it is easy for me to take periodic breaks throughout the day for some physical exercise. After I do a little bit of work and get my clients rolling for the day, I like to pop in an aerobics or yoga DVD and do another 30 minute workout.

A friend of mine was telling me that she was checking into the Extreme Body Workout that her sister is currently doing and I might just look into that program because I have heard great things about the Beach Body program and workouts.

Have any of you read the 90 day review on those programs? Looks pretty good to me but I will wait to hear back from my friend once she has gathered up all of the information on it.

After I eat a light & healthy lunch, I like to get back to business for the next 2 to 3 hours. For my late afternoon break I get together with 3 of my neighbors and we go on a 2 mile walk through our neighborhood or at the local park. I love to be outside getting some physical activity as it's good for the mind, body and the soul.

Once I am done working for the day I prepare a good healthy dinner for my husband and I which we enjoy having dinner together with one another every night. Once dinner is over I like to get back onto my treadmill or do some yoga before we settle down to watch tv or a movie for the night.

Many people who work from home pack on the pounds because they sit on their butts doing too much work on the computer. I have decided to change that in my daily routine and have committed myself to 3 breaks a day for physical activities which is working out really well for me and my family.

I would love to hear how you incorporate physical exercise into your daily routine, especially if you are a work at home business owner like myself. Please leave your thoughts and opinions below using my blog's comment form. Thanks!