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Friday, June 1, 2012

I Love Shopping at Candy Stores!

Some of my fondest memories as a little girl were when my grandmother would take me to our local candy store to shop for delectable candies and gifts. I always looked forward to these weekly shopping trips with her and now that I am an adult, I still visit our local candy store often.

On one particular shopping trip right before the holidays in 1975, I remember my grandmother bundling me up in my snow suit and us walking the 4 blocks to the candy store in near blizzard conditions. The store was one of only three stores that were still open during the snow storm and my grandmother needed some chocolate candies for holiday gifts for her friends and she was determined to stuff all of our stockings with chocolate treats too.

It took us almost an hour that day to reach the store and once inside I just stood there in awe at all of their beautiful candy holiday displays. They had twinkling lights all around their counters, display units and in the middle of the store was a beautiful silver holiday tree that had over 100 candy theme'd ornaments displayed on it.

Grandmother and I spent an entire hour in this retail and wholesale candy store checking out all of their yummy goodies. I remember the very nice store owner gave me wonderful candies to sample that day as my grandmother shopped and purchased her holiday gifts and he gave me a few extra treats to take back home with me.

Once he was done placing all of her treats into pretty holiday gift bags and boxes, we headed back home with all of our shopping bags in hand. Once in the door and in my grandmother's warm home again, she totally surprised me with a brand new doll which I named Candi as a reminder of our holiday shopping trip together.

As you all can see, I have many wonderful memories of shopping at candy stores and to this day, I still enjoy going out and hitting my local candy store every few weeks. Do any of you enjoy shopping at candy stores and/or do you have any fond memories from your childhood about them? I would love to hear your thoughts and stories so please feel free to leave me a few comments here on my blog. Thanks!