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Monday, July 30, 2012

Don Tomas Coffee Company :: Coffee Review

Today I would like to introduce you to the company called Don Tomas Coffee Company who makes some of the best coffee that my husband and I have ever tried! Here is a little history about the company.

Company History: Decades ago, our grandfather, Don Tomas set out on a journey to fulfill a dream of contributing to his homeland. He started by buying a small piece of land and began to cultivate superior coffee in Nicaragua. Today that small piece of land has grown into a thriving community of people, who work, raise their families and call the Don Tomas Coffee Plantation their home. Our family farm supports the community by providing schools for the children, health care for the families, and steady employment in an otherwise uncertain environment. Our commitment to the coffee has always been clear. For several decades our family farm has produced the highest quality, shade grown, and 100% handpicked Arabica coffee. Multi generations of farm workers have lived, worked and shared farming knowledge on the family farm, this allows us to maintain the highest farming standards and consistently offer only quality beans!

Our Review: The company sent us 2 bags of ground gourmet coffee to review for all of you and I am going to tell you a little bit about each one. All of the Don Tomas coffees are roasted the day orders are placed to insure an amazing bag of gourmet coffee that arrives FRESH to your doorstep.

The Don Tomas Dark French Roast Coffee comes in a 1 lb. bag, Varietal: Bourbon and Pacamara. My hubby loves dark roast coffees and he loves to drink them black! As soon as I opened the bag of coffee I got a good whiff of freshly ground coffee and it smelled super good! I brewed him a pot of coffee before breakfast and let me tell you, my kitchen smelled like a gourmet coffee shop! My hubby had 2 cups of coffee before he even got out of the door and I filled up his coffee thermos with the rest of it so he could take it to work. He loved this coffee and said that it had a smooth taste and wasn't bitter at all. This is exactly how he likes his coffee!

On Sunday I brewed us a pot of coffee using the Don Tomas Medium Signature Roast Ground Coffee and I want to tell you all, I do prefer a medium-bodied coffee. If you love medium-bodied coffees, this one would be for you! Varietal: Bourbon & Pacamara and it comes packaged in a 1 lb. bag. Just like the first bag of coffee, as soon as you open the bag you will smell the fresh aroma! It reminds me of a few years ago when I used to grind up our own coffee beans. I know longer do that (due to time) and always purchase ground coffee now. We enjoyed this coffee during breakfast on Sunday morning and then later on that day I brewed another pot of it. This time around I made us some iced coffees and added just a tad of caramel syrup to it. Oh my gosh....hubby and I were both in iced coffee heaven!

The Don Tomas coffees definitely arrive to your front door FRESH and taste fantastic! They were not bitter at all and had a smooth delectable taste. You can use their coffees hot or make a pot of iced coffee on a hot summer afternoon!

I would like to invite you to check out the Don Tomas Coffee Company web store to learn more about this gourmet coffee company and to check out all of their delicious coffee products! We love these coffees! Thanks Don Tomas!

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