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Monday, July 2, 2012

How a Foodie Blogger Can Use Foodie PLR as Content

You can find thousands upon thousands of beautiful foodie related blogs online that are jammed packed with cooking tips, kitchen product reviews and of course, mouth watering recipes. As a foodie blogger, it is your job to keep the food related content coming and to do so on a consistent basis.

At times things will come up in your life where you are super busy and don't have a lot of time to spend on your blog. Purchasing and using foodie related content, also called Foodie PLR (Private Label Rights), can help you add quality content to your site and do so on a consistent basis.

When you purchase Foodie PLR content you want to find professionally written content that will fit within the niche of your blog. If your web site solely focuses on desserts, you don't want to purchase PLR content that is mostly dinner related.

After you purchase a Foodie PLR pack, you will need to sort out the articles or recipes that you specifically want to use. You don't have to use them all but feel free to do so if you please.

To avoid duplicate content from others who also purchased the same Foodie PLR pack, you should rewrite the directions of the recipe or write your own preview or summary paragraph. This will make the article more unique to your site and help you in search engine results. In addition, rewriting portions of articles/recipes that you purchase helps them to sound like your "originally written" content.

You are free to change the article or recipe's title, edit or add-to any of the recipe's ingredients and totally change up the written piece to suit your own needs. Some blogger's just purchase the content to give them ideas or to spark an idea that they can use on their own blog and that is okay too!

One of the best ways to use Foodie PLR on your blog is to use it as "filler" content for those days you will be away (example: sick time, vacation time, holidays, etc.). While you are out enjoying some time off, your site is regularly being update with new freshly published content.

When purchasing content for your blog or web site, it is important to read the site's terms of service or terms of use contract. Some sites will allow you to re-bundle PLR into other packages and to be sold, some will allow you to rewrite them to be sold in e-books, special reports, etc. All sites are different so please read the terms of use before making your purchase.

Buying PLR content is a great way to add new content to your blog on a consistent basis and it's a great way to fill in the gaps when you will be off enjoying some rest and relaxation. However you choose to use it and how often you use it, is totally up to you!

Shelly Hill has been writing content for web sites and blogs for the past 10 years and is the co-owner of Two Classy Ghostwriting Chics.