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Monday, July 2, 2012

Jungle Spit Roast Catering

Do you have an upcoming wedding, anniversary party, birthday party or business event? Do you just want to relax during your big event and enjoy good food without having to prepare it? If so, Jungle Spit Roast Catering is your answer!

Their perfectly cooked spit roasts are cooked off-site and then delivered to your venue. They can be served in a semi-self serve style or you can hire professional servers (also from Spit Roast Catering) to serve your guests for you.

The catering company has taken their inspiration from different cuisine styles from across the world so you can choose from: Aussie Style, Greek Style, Moroccan Style, American Style or Brazilian Style. All of this information is right on their web site under the menus tab.

For those of you who prefer the Brazilian style, this company offers Brazilian style catering and they are affordable! All of their menus include dinner rolls, sauces and all of the condiments you and your guests would need, including the salt and pepper! In addition to the spit roasts they offer delicious tasting desserts that are real crowd pleasers.

You can find additional information right on their web site along with their current posted prices. I think if you are planning a big event and need a catered meal, this company can surely provide it! Stop on by and check out Jungle Spit Roast Catering today!