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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Planning an Old-Fashioned Candy Theme Office Party

I often don't talk about my hubby here on my blog but today, I wanted to tell you about this big party we are throwing at his office later in August. My hubby does this once a year for his employees but always rotates the month so that he can surprise them!

This year we are going with an Old-Fashioned Concession Stand theme and are going to have a lot of old-fashioned candy at the party. We are thinking about a wide variety of chewing gum, lollipops, sugar-free hard candies, hard candy and more!

We found a really nice online candy store that has everything we need to go along with our old-fashioned candy concession stand theme. Here is an example of what we found for our party:

* sugar-free candy
* hard candy
* lollipops
* chewing gum
* Airheads
* variety of mints
* snack packs of nuts
* snack packs of sunflower seeds
* snack packs of chips and pretzels
* chocolate candies
* atomic fire balls
* gummy bears and gummy worms
* laffy taffy
* life savers

and so much more! Really, this store has everything we need to pull off our old-fashioned candy theme! I love that I can shop online, get what I want and have it all easily shipped to my front door.

Hubby has been busy the past few weekends building a concession stand which he will set up the day before in the office while all the employees are off for the day. We think they are going to be totally surprised when they walk into work on Monday morning.

If you need candy for scout parties, school parties, office parties, birthday parties, baby showers or even if you run your own concession stand, this store really has all of your candy needs in one place!

We are really excited about the upcoming party! I would love to know what your favorite candy is? Got a few favorites? Let us know what they are in my blog comment form below! We would love to hear from you!