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Monday, July 2, 2012

Red Beans and Rice :: The Perfect Tummy Filler

When it comes to making homemade tummy filling recipes for my family's dinnertime meal, I am always looking for the type of recipes that are considered to be "comfort food."

My husband grew up in the country on a really big farm. He had 7 siblings so his Italian mother had a lot of mouths to feed, each and every night. He was telling me that his mother used to make a red beans and rice recipe and he was craving it now. I have never made anything like that so I got online and found a recipe by Russell A. Solomon for red beans and rice.

The recipe looks really easy to prepare and uses the type of ingredients I already have on hand. They state you can use ham hocks or sausage in the recipe but I think I will do a healthier version and use low-fat ground turkey. I think that would make it pretty dang good!

I am not sure what kind of rice they used for their recipe but again, I am thinking healthy and perhaps I will use brown rice. The more I read over their recipe, I am thinking that it sounds a lot like a big pot of homemade chili. What do you think?

The only issue I really have is that I can't find the recipe directions, just a list of the ingredients? LOL Perhaps after they made the recipe and typed it in, they all decided to go out for dessert! Hopefully later today they will come back and finish up the directions. I would like to make it this weekend for the hubby!