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Friday, July 6, 2012

Starting a Frozen Yogurt Business

I have always wanted to own my own business and I have always wanted that business to be foodie related. I am finally at a point in my life now where I can really give this notion of starting a frozen yogurt business some serious thought.

My hubby is really good at finding information on the internet and he was doing some research for me last night on where we can buy a few commercial yogurt machines. He found several online stores that sell them and frankly, they are a lot more affordable than what I thought they would be.

According to our research, we would need about $7,000 in supplies and at least one frozen yogurt machine to get started, perhaps two. That's not bad for a start-up business so we are seriously considering it. If we can't swing it, perhaps I will ask my mother or my brother to invest in it with me.

We had a local yogurt business here in our area which did extremely well. Then the business owner retired and moved away. His retail store space has been empty for over a year now and I would love to rent his retail store space. It's in a beautiful location and has a lot of free parking with easy street access for patrons.

Another thing I love about his old retail store space is that it has an outdoor deck that is beautifully laid out and decorated in a Paris cafe style. I was in the store a few times and it was completely remodeled about 5 years ago, so it wouldn't need a lot of remodeling work on our part.

Have any of you ever considered starting your own foodie business like a frozen yogurt business? If so, I would love to get your input, thoughts and ideas on it. Please leave your comments below. Thanks!