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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Domino’s Introduces Handmade Pan Pizza

How many of you love pizza from Domino's? I know we do! Well guess what? Domino’s Introduces Handmade Pan Pizza and I am just dying to try it! Have any of you tried it yet? We just had Domino's pizza last weekend and when we ordered, I didn't know anything about the new handmade pan pizza!

This New Pizza offers fresh alternative to frozen dough which has been the standard in the pizza making industry and now Domino's is going FRESH! Yeah!!! This new pizza crust is made fresh and once baked, a beautiful golden crust! But how does it taste? Well, I am told that there is a delicious buttery taste to it!

You can check out this Flash Player for more information about Domino's new handmade pan pizza!

When it comes to Domino's pizza, what kind of pizza do you typically order? How often do you treat yourself and your family to a delicious Domino's pizza?

I know for our family, we have a Domino's pizza night about every other week. We typically order extra cheese with mushrooms or their delicious tasting Hawaiian pizza. Hubby usually adds on an order of bbq wings and I get a chocolate lava cake! Yummy!

I think it's time I hit up Domino's again! Yeah!