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Monday, November 12, 2012

14 Cheater Recipe Ideas Using Boxed Cake Mix

For many of us, we purchase and use boxed cake mixes to save us time when we need to bake a homemade cake or a batch of cupcakes. However, that same box of prepared cake mix can be doctored up and used in so many different ways.

Our goal today is to not give you boxed cake mix cheater recipes, but to point out all of the different ways you can use a boxed cake mix. In most of these instances, you will need to add a few additional ingredients to the cake mix to turn it into something wonderful.

1. Quick Breads
2. Cake-Like Cookies and Bars
3. Cake-Like Brownies
4. Muffins
5. Cake Pops
6. Cupcakes
7. Whoopie Pies
8. Ice Cream Sandwiches
9. Sheet Cakes, Layer and Bundt Cakes
10. Fruit Pudding Dessert Cakes
11. Dessert Tortes
12. Cream-Filled Snack Cakes
13. Fruit Cobbler or Fruit Crisp
14. Homemade Cake Donuts

As you can see, you can really turn that boxed cake mix into something special with just a little creativity and a few additional ingredients. I find it best to keep a box of white, chocolate and yellow cake mixes in my pantry at all times. When the need arises, I can select one of the three, make some additions and bake something delicious for my family on short notice.

You can find some boxed cake mix cheater recipes right here on my blog or do a web search using your favorite search engine to find them.

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1 comment:

jopb said...

I agree with you that it can be convenient to have boxed cake mix in the house. It allows me to take shortcuts and the recipe still tastes homemade. I always have a devil's food and yellow cake mix packages in my pantry.