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Saturday, January 19, 2013

French Twists from Barry's Bakery :: Foodie Review

I was recently contacted by the great folks over at Barry's Bakery who asked me if I would like to review their French Twists for all of you. Since I love sweets and baked goods, I jumped at their offer to try out their product.

What are Barry's Bakery French Twists? They are French Twists made from delicious layers of puffed pastry. The French Twists are low in fat, no trans fat, no cholesterol, no dairy, contain no eggs, no butter, no yeast and are low in sodium.

Each French Twist contains only 30 calories so they are great for those who are watching their weight. For those of you who are on Weight Watchers the PointsPlus Value is 2 twists equal 1 point.

For our review we received 4 packages of Barry's Bakery French Twists to try out for you. We received the following 4 flavors: Original, Maple French Toast, Wild Raspberry and California Almond.

Last weekend I had a few family members over to our new home to visit with us. I decided to brew up some gourmet coffee, some hot cocoa and I served a tray of the French Twists to my guests. Over the following hour or so, my guests enjoyed the French Twists with their coffee or hot cocoa, including myself.

The French Twists come packaged in a nice see-thru plastic tub which was really nice and helped to keep them fresh and uncrushed. Once opened, they tested fresh, just like the day they were made. I tried 3 out of the 4 flavors that I received and really loved the Maple French Toast French Twists. They had a wonderful cinnamon taste to them with a hint of the sweet maple syrup. Perfect combination of both flavors. I personally avoided the California Almond twists due to some dietary restrictions that I am currently on to avoid nuts.

My mother and my husband both loved the Original French Twists which have a nice cinnamon taste to them. My 26 year old daughter was all over those Wild Raspberry French Twists and didn't want to share them with anyone else! LOL Seriously, she took the rest of the tub of French Twists home with her.

I think these French Twists are fabulous! They had a nice crunch to them without being hard to chew. The flavors were well-blended together with no funky tastes at all. I would not hesitate on purchasing them or serving them to my family or friends at all. I think they are best served with a hot beverage...I wouldn't just open up a tub of them to snack on every day...but they are a nice change from the boring chips, pretzels and popcorn scene.

You can visit Barry's Bakery online to learn more about the company and the French Twists that they make. You can also use their store locator to find out where you can purchase some of these delicious French Twists for yourself. I think you would love them! Thanks Barry's Bakery!

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