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Friday, February 15, 2013

New Ways to Incorporate Pork into Your Diet

While most people lean towards chicken as their favorite white meat, ours happens to be pork. Seriously, I must make a pork dinner dish at least three times a week for my family. With that said, I often run out of ideas on new tasty pork dinner dishes and decided to get online and find some new recipes.

When looking for new pork recipes, I take into account the other ingredients I have on hand...like fresh vegetables, herbs & spices, sauces, etc. I get frustrated when I find a new recipe that I want to make now...but yet, I don't have all of the ingredients on hand.

Yesterday during my recipe search I found a really delicious looking Pork and Pumpkin recipe that is partly made on the stove-top and then placed into the oven to finish baking. I looked over the ingredients list and had everything on hand to make it.

From start to finish the recipe took over an hour to make, but the preparation was easy and you only needed a few basic ingredients. Once it was done, I served it to my family as a special Valentine's Day (evening) dinner and they really loved it! The addition of the roasted pumpkin added a slight sweet taste to the pork and potatoes, super delicious and juicy!

I am definitely going to file that pork recipe into my recipe box, so that I can prepare it again for my family. I would love to hear from all of you on how you like to prepare your pork? Got any recipes to share with us? Leave your comments below in my blog's comment form. Thanks!